Major Email Providers’ New Blocking of Your Emails

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Paul RussellActor emails for seeking auditions, representation, or announcements of career updates are newly being blocked by email Big Boys like Yahoo. Gmail will soon follow. Actor emails, with multiple recipients, don’t survive the electronic journey to intended recipients. The emails don’t even go to spam obscurity. Important actor digital marketing is being completely blocked, i.e. bounced.

My office, which contacts 20,000 actors with casting & actor career improvement updates, was contacted by our email management provider iContact; informing of Yahoo’s unannounced changes taken to block mass email announcements:

“…if you’re sending email through an Email Service Provider, like iContact, and your From Address is [example], Yahoo is going to reject your email by processing it as a bounce.

…If you’re currently using a From Address, even on just one campaign, you should discontinue it immediately.”

And bounce the emails have.

Prior to iContact’s advisory, a recent announcement by Paul Russell Casting to actors bounced more than Dolly Parton’s baubles:


Upon seeing the tracking results I immediately switched from our public Yahoo address to our public Gmail address. But that work-around will fail for anyone with a Gmail account as iContact explains:

“…there is no tangible benefit to using a free From Address [such as Yahoo, Gmail, AOL and alike]. Yahoo makes up 33% of the webmail market. Now that a Big Boy has made the first move, other webmail clients — Gmail, Comcast, Outlook, etc. — might not be far behind.

The best practice for your mass email marketing is to use the domain that you control, preferably the same one tied to your website.”

DontEmailYahoo is making this change because the provider wants to prevent phishing attacks on their users. It won’t be long before Gmail, and other email titans follow Yahoo’s lead.

As advised in the Answers for Actors post What Your Email Address Says of Your to Others  the actor’s best option for their email From Address is one that includes the actor’sname@theirdomain.whatever.

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